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Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Subject:What name do I look like?
Posted by:shadowhunter16.
Time:3:20 am.
Mood: tired.

My name's Amy and I've never liked it. It's incredibly common for my age group where I'm from. I've just finished school and I'm headed to college in September, so I thought this was a good time to change it before I meet all these new people. At school, out of the 48 girls in my year (including myself), there were 9 other Amys. Every time someone calls out 'Amy', I don't turn around because I think they're talking to someone else. I feel like less of an individual with the name. I included some pictures, what name would you say suits me? I'm sorry for my lack of a smile, I don't have a nice one at all!


 Names I like are:
Amelia - It's not too common where I'm from and it would be easier for people like my grandparents as Amy is a common nickname.
Anastasia - I really love this name, and it was what I was going to be called before my parents settled on Amy (which they chose specifically because it was the most popular name)
Priya - I think it's really pretty, and it has the same meaning as Amy - 'beloved'

Any ideas?
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Friday, May 15th, 2009

Posted by:trickmouse.
Time:7:12 pm.
So, like everyone else here I suppose...I feel like my given name just doesn't suit me at all. I don't hate it anymore (though I certainly did as a kid)...it's just not me, and never has been.

help?Collapse )
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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Posted by:shinigamu.
Time:6:14 pm.
I need some help here.. I've been stuck with this name that I've never ever liked, even as a child I wanted to change my name. Hell, my mother picked the name because "It would be good for a ballerina"

and now, I've been of age to change my name for.. nearly four years now and I just haven't found the right name. I don't want to hastily change my name to something I'll dislike later so.. Any suggestions? Here are some pictures, I apologize for the ones I'm in costume for but I do alot of gaming and larping so most of my pictures are that way.

Picture 1 (face shot)
Picture 2 (face/body shot)
Picture 3 (me actually smiling, gasp)

My first name is currently, under the cut here, to prevent bias, I suppose.Collapse ) and it would be great if the suggested first names wouldn't clash too much with Dionisio. Yes, thats my full name on the internet. I'm not too concerned but I do love my last name (mythology fans may agree with me?)

So really, I appreciate any and all suggestions. My current personal favorite is Eve/Evelyn. Opinions?
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Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Posted by:dan_the_djinn.
Time:2:58 am.
Hi everybody!
I´m a transguy and I´m going to change my name soon to pass better. As the law of my country allows transpeople to have just so called "neutral" name before having their surgery, I need to find an unisex name. I want to be Daniel in the end so I would like to persuade the authorities (Birth Register is probably its name in English) that "Dan" can be used for females as well as for males. Everybody knows Dan is the short form for Daniel, not many people know Dan is used in Chinesse for females... and probably for males as well. I need to prove that Dan is the short form of some female name or is used as a female name in some languages.
Any comments or suggestions?
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Monday, May 19th, 2008

Posted by:treelovin_hippy.
Time:10:55 pm.
Hey I was wondering if anyone knows a few things about stage names. See at the end of the summer I'd like to send out for an acting agency and see if I could film if I got lucky. Only if I google my name three other imdb profiles for actresses with the same names show up. I was thinking about changing it to what I was originally meant to be named ,Katrina, but after the hurricane that would seem like an unwise choice but I did find another one.

So yeah I was wondering if anyone knows how I would do that like do I put that name instead of my own or do I add a little note. I've been researching this for a little while but can't find an explantion. 
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Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Subject:Name me!
Posted by:lonetread.
Time:9:19 am.
I hope this comm is still alive, because I need a name.

What do I look like to you?Collapse )

Thanks! (And apologies for the shoddy webcam pictures and lighting.)

ETA: Thanks, everybody! I ended up going with Justin.
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Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Posted by:jessisfound.
Time:4:17 pm.

Is this community still alive? Is it is then HI EVERYONE!
My name is Jess (Jessica) and I HATE IT! Everyone that I talk to on the phone calls me Jeff! WTF- i'm not a boy!
There is no variances on the name either other than Jess or Jessie (which is the name of my uncles dog)
So, how many Jessicas are out there??? and how many people are out there that changed their name to Jessica???
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Saturday, July 14th, 2007

Posted by:febrile_lune.
Time:4:50 pm.

 My favourite name has long been "Alexis", and I've always been able to identify with it. Strongly. I love everything about it, from the phonetics, to the way it looks, to the meaning, to the history and roots. It means "defender/protector of mankind". I didn't find out the meaning until after I knew I loved the name, but I was thrilled, as I'm very passionate about humanitarian issues, and live with the constant goal to do the right thing and make the world as better a place as I can...

Actually, all the names that begin with "Alex", for the most part, have the same or a similar meaning.

The predicament I've got is really quite bizarre. When I was15, I started dating a male named Alexis. The name was actually originally for a male. I like it for either gender. But anyhow, that was really thrilling to me, since I love the name, and I never expected I'd end up with such a horrible experience. In the end, after several years, I broke away from Alexis for good. It is still difficult for me to say this, somehow, but he was really quite abusive and manipulative. So, now it's really hard to think of officially rename myself "Alexis" (I've been thinking of myself as Alexis and have had a couple of close friends call me "Alex" for awhile now)... not so much because I can't detach the association, but I'm worried that other people we know mutually will not be able to. Let's just say, most people who know him really do not like him at all, and are actually enraged with him. My friend suggested I start out as going by "Alex", which would help carry over the transition eventually without the same association with ...him.

I also feel like it is a curse or something! Not really, obviously, but it is a name that means so much to me and there is so little to do about this predicament other than to get over it somehow. I also feel a little upset that it doesn't feel so much of "my own" now. If I did have to go by "Alex" for my entire life, I wouldn't mind. I love that name in general...

My birth name is Kelsi. "Kelsey", but spelled the way a new little sister for Barbie might be spelled, if you ask me. It's all right, and I'd like it on anyone else. Just not me. I used to despise it, just because it didn't seem to "fit", but as I've been giving a name change thought for yers, I've come to accept it since I'm not going to be going by it, anyhow. I think it's cute, but that's part of the problem. I'm often told that it is cute. Nothing wrong with "cute", but I don't feel like the name has any depth to it. I originally was only able to find one meaning for it: "Island-side ships"... uh.  But I later found out it can also mean "brave". Which I like. Courage is a very important virtue to me. However, I still don't think the meaning of the name redeems it...

Has anyone ever been able to relate with difficulties switching to a new name based on negative connotations that you or people around you have had? How do you deal with it?

I have pictures behind the cut, despite that I usually don't like showing my pictures... but I like to see them and see how I think the name fits the face more than "Kelsi" does, perhaps :)

I think this community is great, because it recognizes the significance in being able to identify with one's own name. A lot of people in my life are adverse to the idea, but while I don't think a name defines a person, having one that resonates well can be special.
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Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Posted by:racing_turtles.
Time:3:42 pm.
Ok, so I've always wondered what people would think my name was if they didn't already know it. This is the most appropriate place I could find on livejournal, and I was wondering if you would all humor me. I don't feel like walking  up to people and asking them, "What do you think my name is?" But that's exactly what I want to ask you!

Thanks for trying to guess my name! I'm looking forward to seeing what names look like they would suit  me!
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Subject:I know this isn't about an actual name change, but...
Posted by:downtomars.
Time:2:15 am.
I am hoping someone here can help me!

short background info & pictureCollapse )

What do you think of the name "Margot" in general, and then what do you think of it as a nickname for "Margaret"? Be honest because that's what I'm looking for! Thanks in advance to anyone who leaves a comment. ♥
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Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

Posted by:shesfamousnow.
Time:12:19 pm.
help?Collapse )
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Thursday, October 5th, 2006

Posted by:smasharash.
Time:5:29 pm.
Can you help me?Collapse )
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Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

Subject:Nickname me!
Posted by:thepastperfect.
Time:6:34 pm.
Hi everyone. *waves* My name is Elizabeth, but I'd like to go by a nickname. Give me all you got!

Obligatory backstory:
I was named for my mother and grand-aunt and other family members. My mom is Betsy/Liz, and my aunt was Elizabeth/Betty, so when my parents adopted me, they called me Elizabeth so as not to confuse people any more than necessary. (It didn't really work.)

My middle name is Regina, which I hate, so I don't think I'd use a nickname that comes from it, which is disappointing as there are many good ones. My last name is plural noun (think Meadows or Woods) that doesn't sound at all English/Irish/Scottish/German/whatever specifically.

The one option I've really liked is Lily, but it sounds laughable with my last name. Like, in a Rose Bush sort of way.
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Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

Posted by:satan_inheels_x.
Time:1:38 pm.
I have wanted to change my namne since I was 12 but I'm glad I didn't when I was that age since I wasn't mature at that age I am 20 in a week and i have time to think about this and it's what I really want for myself. when I was 12-14 I loved names like (Ashley, Amanda, Brittany and Nicole) I am so glad i didn't change it back then becuase i hate those nmes now except Nicole makes a good middle name I'm glad to find a community that people can understand why I AM changing my name and not give me grief about it becuase on many baby name message boards I recieved un-neccessary grief (not on lj but elsewheres) I want to introduce myself as something faboulas and your name has alot to do with a person each name has a meaning. My mother named me Leah Elizabeth. Leah was aname of a girl she went to shool with and she liked the name. and Elizabeth after the queen and i do not like being named after people I think everyone is an individual person has there own right and not to be someone their parents wanted them to be. I feel Leah is also boring and popular and every 2nd girl i know has the middle name Elizabeth which drives me nuts. And of course the fact i just do not like it! So my parents told me if I didn't like my name I had to wait until I was 19 and I would have to pay for it, I do think they are very hurt by me changing my name but as my reason stated above Leah is not for me! When I was about 15, I changed my Name to Mileah to see how people would react (i was teased, gave alot gried people were cofused etc.) I decided after high school I would change it to something that I wanted like Christina but overtime that changed... I'm think If I was to change my name from Malea(changed spelling a year ago) to something esle that would make people very angry, however I am starting college (not here) next year I still could have a chance... Malea has grown with me i like it a bit but I need oppinions from serious people! Should i stick with Malea/Maleah it's hawaiaan and means "beloved" and long hair goddess it's a form of Mary/Maria (and i hate those names!) m going to wait until about December/January to change my name but I still need oppinions what to do guys think here are some of my favourite names and combinations!
More Names & CombinationsCollapse )
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Thursday, July 13th, 2006

Subject:The Name Game
Posted by:nydeborah.
Time:11:28 am.
Mood: Who Am I?.
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - William Shakespeare

What's in a name? Numerologists believe that each letter in a person's name has a numerical value that reveals secrets of the
psyche and destiny of the person .

There comes a time in a woman's life when she must make a decision about her name. We are still living in a society that expects a woman to take a man's name when she marries. Oh, we'll accept a hyphenated name, or even a woman who keeps her maiden name, but by the time children come along we usually call her by her husband's name, whether she chooses it or not.

"To get a name can happen but to few; it is one of the few things that cannot be brought. It is the free gift of mankind, which must be deserved before it will be granted, and is at last unwillingly bestowed." - Samuel Johnson

I had a wonderful maiden name. Rich in history and ethnicity, unique in many ways. It was the only last name of its kind in the phone book, no small feat in a city as big as
New York.  My immediate family and I were the only human beings with that last name in the city, and I loved it.  Most people couldn't pronounce it, couldn't begin to know how to spell it and that was fine with me.

When I married, I followed tradition and took my husband's name. I liked it. It was much easier than my own, easy to spell and pronounce and it carried a vague, non-sectarian feeling; difficult to define, impossible to pigeon-hole. It lacked a certain flavor or implied character, but it was a nice, normal name.  It rolled trippingly off the tongue and there were even a few famous people with the same name.  I grew to feel at home in the bosom of that name.

When my first marriage ended, I kept my married name. I had a young child and I was determined to focus on her care and upbringing. Having the same name as her, even though I was no longer married, simplified things and added a level of normalcy and consistency to our lives. There was no confusion at school or with friends. We were both known by the same last name and it was good. 

I never thought I would marry again.  It really didn't enter my mind.  I was entirely focused on raising my daughter and enjoying my career.  I dated, of course, had some great friends and one or two deeper relationships, but nothing too serious.

"The one thing I want to leave my children is an honorable name." - Theodore Roosevelt

They say that when you are content and happy in your own life you become the most desirable to others.  And I thoroughly enjoyed the life I created for myself and my daughter.  I felt blessed; fortunate to have a clear purpose and to know that I made a difference in the world.    

Now I am married again. When Kevin came into my life I knew he was someone special.  He shares my love of music, literature, writing, comedy, art, and so many other interests.  He makes me laugh and I enjoy his company.  

Kevin feels strongly that I should no longer be using my ex-husband's name, and that's perfectly understandable.  I have to say goodbye to a name I've known and been known by for many years. Professionally and personally my name represents me to others.  

What a heavy burden is a name that has become too famous. - Voltaire

What is startling to me is a feeling of loss of identity as I file the necessary documents to change my name. I wonder if I'll remember to say my new name when I answer the phone. I wonder if people I work with will know whom people are talking about when they refer to me by my new name. I am feeling a bit unanchored, a woman without a name or at least without the one I've become accustomed to for so many years.   

It’s disconcerting, to say nothing of the complications and legal documents that need adjusting. Many institutions require a visit in person with numerous forms of identification and the original marriage certificate. The Department of Motor Vehicles is practically asking for a DNA sample and the promise of my first-born! 

"Good name in man and woman, dear my lord, 
Is the immediate jewel of their souls: 
Who steals my purse steals trash; 'tis something, nothing; 
'Twas mine, 'tis his, and has been slave to thousands; 
But he that filches from me my good name 
Robs me of that which not enriches him 
And makes me poor indeed."
- William Shakespeare

 Isn’t it strange how we get attached to names? I know I’m so much more than my name yet it is still disconcerting to change it. Luckily, my new name is lovely. It’s easy to pronounce, easy to spell and easy to wear. Soon, it’s bound to be well-known, too. Kevin is a very talented writer and he’s working on some promising projects. 

 I’m sure I’ll get used to my new name very soon. Until then, don’t think I’m ignoring you if you call me by it and I look around to see who you’re talking to. “You talkin’ to me?”
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Thursday, June 29th, 2006

Posted by:tragicaddict.
Time:5:20 pm.
Hey guys, I'm Rachel. but that's actually not a very good representation of me. I think I should always start out by saying something like, 'Hey guys, I'm fabulous and my name just so happens to be Rachel so don't be fooled by that'. I think that does a better job of introducing myself, so....

Anyway, Rachel isn't me. It just doesn't fit. I've always gone by my nicknames, Rach or Rae. And I much prefer them. I've been thinking about changing my name since I was very young. And this community is a fantasic ides by the way.

Before anyone asks, I plan on waiting a few years before changing my name, at least until after high school. So don't take into consiteration that my age is fourteen.

So under the cut are some pictures of MEEEH and names that I like. I'd like your opinons on what I look like, based on the little bit that you know about me. Don't feel constricted by that list, if I look like something outside of it, feel free to let me know. Also, don't worry about my hair color being a factor, it's only blonde for the moment, and it never stays the same, haha.

... (o=♥Collapse )
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Friday, June 23rd, 2006

Subject:What's in a name anyhow....
Posted by:kaelendra.
Time:4:50 am.
Mood: bored.
I've always been plagued with a name I didn't want. My parents named me Chrystal L. K. [the first name's the real issue]. First of all no one has ever spelt it write without me having to spell it and even when I do I sometimes need to correct them as they /still/ don't put the h in. I mean who spells it with a h? I used to think maybe my parents mispelt it or my dad wrote it out as he's got handwriting that's not much better then mine or some such at times as a kid (I'm now 27). Secondly it's dead common. One year in high school there were five 'Crystal's' and at one point us were in one class even... I of course was called Crystal with a h by the teacher for that class, yay. A dead common name with a spelling that no one ever gets, yuck.
For probably 10 years or close to I've really liked the name Kaelendra and known I wanted that for a first name with Kael as a short form of it. So not keeping my last name with going for that though since umm K anything K for initials is something I don't want, too close to KKK which is like um no way.
So I've got Kaelendra Jeane Roubwyn settled on I think. Figured what the hey go numerologically as well and try to match it with my birth number which is a 8 (Jean is the name of a great aunt that was my fave relative) though I'm only 99% sure on that atm. I'm halfway thinking the name my grandfather changed his last name from back in wartime might be a idea to take up but I dunno (he dropped it with the whole german war thing, not sure if he was distantly german it just was too close for comfort for him or what). Nor am I convinced going for the same number as my birthdate is worth putting a e on or if I want to add numerology into the mix at all if I should go with the same as my birthyear or not.
Any thoughts?
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Tuesday, June 13th, 2006

Subject:Need Advice for New Name
Posted by:infernalnitsa.
Time:4:38 am.
Hi, everybody.

I'm going through the process of picking out a new name for myself and I believe that I've narrowed it down to two: Alexandra or Veronica. Both are pretty, but I wasn't sure which one would actually 'suit' me better. BTW, the first means "Defender of Mankind", the second, "True Image".

I'd really appreciate any opinions on which name resembles me more.
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Wednesday, May 24th, 2006

Posted by:transformergeek.
Time:11:33 am.
Hey folks!

I'm glad to see that this community exists! One of these days I'll go into the whys and the whats about why I'm actually getting my name changed, but for now I just have a question about practicality. I want to get my first name changed to B. That's all. Just B.

Anyone have any trouble or know anyone having issues with single digit first names?

I know that a lot of automated forms require you to have names that are at least three letters long in order to proceed. Any thoughts on how I'd get around this?

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Saturday, April 1st, 2006

Posted by:thenewchristina.
Time:7:22 am.
I'm keeping my last name when I get married. So would I be Mrs. Fisher or just Miss Fisher?

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