Samantha (shinigamu) wrote in namechange,

I need some help here.. I've been stuck with this name that I've never ever liked, even as a child I wanted to change my name. Hell, my mother picked the name because "It would be good for a ballerina"

and now, I've been of age to change my name for.. nearly four years now and I just haven't found the right name. I don't want to hastily change my name to something I'll dislike later so.. Any suggestions? Here are some pictures, I apologize for the ones I'm in costume for but I do alot of gaming and larping so most of my pictures are that way.

Picture 1 (face shot)
Picture 2 (face/body shot)
Picture 3 (me actually smiling, gasp)

My first name is currently, Samantha and it would be great if the suggested first names wouldn't clash too much with Dionisio. Yes, thats my full name on the internet. I'm not too concerned but I do love my last name (mythology fans may agree with me?)

So really, I appreciate any and all suggestions. My current personal favorite is Eve/Evelyn. Opinions?
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My first instinct was "Astrid."
What about Emmeline I think it flows well with Dionisio.

What about Ivy or Eden as well?
You probably already found a new name by now, but when I saw your face the first name that came to mind was Lori. Eve or Evelyn would really suit you too!

Good luck. :)
i think Eve Dionisio is PERFECT for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

are you into mn's (middle names)? do you care about that?

i am having trouble with about 9 mn's :O currayzee!!!

never figure it out! but you? Eve D, fosho <3