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What name do I look like?

My name's Amy and I've never liked it. It's incredibly common for my age group where I'm from. I've just finished school and I'm headed to college in September, so I thought this was a good time to change it before I meet all these new people. At school, out of the 48 girls in my year (including myself), there were 9 other Amys. Every time someone calls out 'Amy', I don't turn around because I think they're talking to someone else. I feel like less of an individual with the name. I included some pictures, what name would you say suits me? I'm sorry for my lack of a smile, I don't have a nice one at all!

 Names I like are:
Amelia - It's not too common where I'm from and it would be easier for people like my grandparents as Amy is a common nickname.
Anastasia - I really love this name, and it was what I was going to be called before my parents settled on Amy (which they chose specifically because it was the most popular name)
Priya - I think it's really pretty, and it has the same meaning as Amy - 'beloved'

Any ideas?
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