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What's in a name anyhow....

I've always been plagued with a name I didn't want. My parents named me Chrystal L. K. [the first name's the real issue]. First of all no one has ever spelt it write without me having to spell it and even when I do I sometimes need to correct them as they /still/ don't put the h in. I mean who spells it with a h? I used to think maybe my parents mispelt it or my dad wrote it out as he's got handwriting that's not much better then mine or some such at times as a kid (I'm now 27). Secondly it's dead common. One year in high school there were five 'Crystal's' and at one point us were in one class even... I of course was called Crystal with a h by the teacher for that class, yay. A dead common name with a spelling that no one ever gets, yuck.
For probably 10 years or close to I've really liked the name Kaelendra and known I wanted that for a first name with Kael as a short form of it. So not keeping my last name with going for that though since umm K anything K for initials is something I don't want, too close to KKK which is like um no way.
So I've got Kaelendra Jeane Roubwyn settled on I think. Figured what the hey go numerologically as well and try to match it with my birth number which is a 8 (Jean is the name of a great aunt that was my fave relative) though I'm only 99% sure on that atm. I'm halfway thinking the name my grandfather changed his last name from back in wartime might be a idea to take up but I dunno (he dropped it with the whole german war thing, not sure if he was distantly german it just was too close for comfort for him or what). Nor am I convinced going for the same number as my birthdate is worth putting a e on or if I want to add numerology into the mix at all if I should go with the same as my birthyear or not.
Any thoughts?
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