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I know this isn't about an actual name change, but...

I am hoping someone here can help me!

My name is Margaret Ann but for most of my childhood, I've been called "Molly" (because my mother liked it). I absolutely hate BOTH names and all nicknames that come along with it. The only nickname I might settle for is "Maggie", even though I think of the word "maggot" when I say it. I think all of these names are either too harsh or too immature-sounding.

I'm going to be starting university in the fall, where I know virtually nobody & am able to have a fresh start. I applied & was accepted as "Margaret", it's on all of my forms & it's been changed on my Facebook. But I feel like some people are still going to try to call me "Marge" even though I don't think "Margaret" is that hard to say.

I was looking on name web sites earlier tonight, trying to find any good-sounding nicknames for Margaret. There are virtually none, in my opinion. But I did come across the name "Margot". It's the French version of "Margaret" and I think it's the nicest-sounding name I've found, so far. I think it also looks kinda like "maggot" but at least it doesn't sound like it!

I am thinking of having my teachers/counselors call me "Margaret" as a formality, but asking my classmates/friends to call me "Margot". But since I can't make decisions on my own, I'd like to know what other people think of this name as a subsitute for my full name.

Here is a picture of myself if you like to visualize a name with a face (I'm on the right):

What do you think of the name "Margot" in general, and then what do you think of it as a nickname for "Margaret"? Be honest because that's what I'm looking for! Thanks in advance to anyone who leaves a comment. ♥
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