e-liz-a-beth (thepastperfect) wrote in namechange,

Nickname me!

Hi everyone. *waves* My name is Elizabeth, but I'd like to go by a nickname. Give me all you got!

Obligatory backstory:
I was named for my mother and grand-aunt and other family members. My mom is Betsy/Liz, and my aunt was Elizabeth/Betty, so when my parents adopted me, they called me Elizabeth so as not to confuse people any more than necessary. (It didn't really work.)

My middle name is Regina, which I hate, so I don't think I'd use a nickname that comes from it, which is disappointing as there are many good ones. My last name is plural noun (think Meadows or Woods) that doesn't sound at all English/Irish/Scottish/German/whatever specifically.

The one option I've really liked is Lily, but it sounds laughable with my last name. Like, in a Rose Bush sort of way.
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