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the Name Change Community
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This is a community for people who want to change their names (for any reason,) people just interested in discussing names, and their allies!

Herein we discuss the hows and the whys of name changes, including the actual legal procedure, family issues, the process we go through in choosing our new name(s), renaming parties, the meanings of names, gender issues inherent in naming,
and anything else about names, naming, or onomastics!

Share your stories! Tell us why you feel more comfortable as ____, not ____. Bitch to us about how your mom just can't get the hang of calling you be your new name. Make an ecstatic post in all caps when you finally get that document with your new name and let us congratulate you!
Ask questions. Invite your friends and family members to join and ask questions.

Your faithful moderator,
-Sidonie Everet Lee
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(if you think of anything that should be in the interests but isn't, just let me know!)